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Turn Dinner into Dining

Entertaining is an art. But as with all other arts, skill comes with practice. The key to entertaining is using your imagination. By adding creative touches, you’ll make your table settings more personalized and interesting.

Choose products for your table that can be dressed up or dressed down, like sterling silver flatware and casually
elegant dinnerware and crystal; this will let you enjoy the “good stuff” every day with comfort and ease.

Try some of these tips and let them inspire you to turn your own table into a work of art that reflects your
unique personality.

Dreamy Dinner for Two

Looking to create a dreamy dinner for two but don’t have time to cook? You don’t always need to turn on the oven to heat up the night: A well-set table can make even a Chinese take-out dinner simply elegant.

Elegant Anniversary

A well-set table not only welcomes your guests but also sends a signal to them about you, your home and the care you put into being with them. That goes for family dinners or entertaining your friends formally and casually. Celebrating an anniversary? Make the day even more special by adding simple yet elegant touches to the table.

Impromptu Dinner Party

Tabletop products like sterling silver flatware, beautiful china and crystal stemware make family dinners or gatherings with friends a reflection of your personal style.

Chic Celebration

Dinner parties don’t always have to be at the dinner table. Here, a coffee table becomes the center of a celebratory lounge.

Leisurely Sunday Brunch

Using sterling silver flatware is a way for you to express your personal style. It accents a Sunday brunch in the same way a silver buckle accents your favorite pair of jeans.

Afternoon Al Fresco

Outdoor dining is a joy to be cherished, and it gives you a great opportunity to show your creativity on the tabletop.