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Elegant Anniversary

A well-set table not only welcomes your guests but also sends a signal to them about you, your home and the care you put into being with them. That goes for family dinners or entertaining your friends formally and casually. Celebrating an anniversary? Make the day even more special by adding simple yet elegant touches to the table.

  • Add an impact to your table with color.
  • Who says cake needs to be on a plate? Here, martini glasses do just fine. They also relate to the champagne glasses when a celebration toast is needed.
  • When it’s time for dinner and dessert, remember that sterling silver adds the perfect finishing touch to the table.

Crafted from one of the most precious metals in the world, sterling silver flatware helps you create an unforgettable dining experience. Use it whether you are celebrating a special moment with family and friends or enjoying a simple dinner for two. Sterling makes every meal special.

A satin ribbon, artful crystal candleholders (one holding a candle and one holding a flower) and glass pebbles are simple yet stunning art for the table that can be used over and over, in a variety of ways.