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Dreamy Dinner for Two

Looking to create a dreamy dinner for two but don’t have time to cook? You don’t always need to turn on the oven to heat up the night: A well-set table can make even a Chinese take-out dinner simply elegant.

  • Use sterling silver flatware to bring great design and a clean, modern look to the table setting.
  • Create a centerpiece by combining an artful arrangement of crystal items — a large bowl, a crystal candleholder and a small bowl can be grouped together to hold pebbles and flowers.
  • Place a bamboo shade flat over a tablecloth to add an easy Eastern accent.

Creative touches — like those pictured here — are quick and easy ways to make any meal look great!

  • Wooden beaded mats add textural contrast to the table as they highlight place settings.
  • Keep flowers simple: Three calla lily blossoms almost self-arrange when they are placed in a small bowl.

A special dinner for two allows you to add a bit more dash to your tabletop. Be creative with the items you’ve collected for your home. Be dramatic with your table settings. And — most of all — have fun. Go out of your way to make the table shine, especially because it’s for just the two of you.

  • Champagne glasses hold any beverage you like.
  • Crystal votives, glass marbles and even a vase filled only with ice enhance the cool, sleek and modern look of the table.
  • The silver-rimmed charger, sterling silver flatware, platinum-edged dinnerware and silver orbs add to the almost frosty table.

Because drinking glasses come in so many shapes and sizes, they can be used for so many more things than beverages. Let your imagination run free: Think about using glasses as serving pieces or centerpieces to mix it up.

  • Here, a martini glass becomes a shrimp cocktail holder.
  • Sleek dinnerware and sterling silver flatware highlight the food presentation.
  • The dramatic play of textures on the table creates a romantic mood.

Sometimes the most dramatic-looking tables are created using just a few simple items. You too can pull together a few beautiful elements from around the house to create a unique tablescape.

  • Linear crystal votive candle holders are placed side by side on this table to create a dramatic centerpiece. Notice how one votive candle was removed from each holder to create a spot for Christmas ornaments. Two other ornaments were placed on the ends, and a scattering of glass bubbles were loosely placed on the table.
  • A vase filled with ice mimics the look of crystal and makes the frosted stemware appear to be made of ice.

Set the mood with simple crystal and sterling silver accents. A group of three crystal candlesticks and two crystal cocktail glasses combines for an instant centerpiece.

  • Two Gerber daisy blossoms arranged “sunny side up” and a few strategically-placed leaves soften the table.
  • Keeping flowers minimal gives the table a natural and unfussy look yet still appears elegant and contemporary.

Spend time with each other, and don’t worry about how to arrange the flowers. This simple solution looks elegant and lets you enjoy your time together.

  • Flowers don’t always have to be arranged; consider floating just the heads of Gerber daisies, sunflowers, zinnias or other blossoms in low round vases like those pictured here in cocktail glasses.