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Impromptu Dinner Party

Tabletop products like sterling silver flatware, beautiful china and crystal stemware make family dinners or gatherings with friends a reflection of your personal style.

  • Don’t hold back the “good stuff” for only special occasions or holidays — it isn’t current with today’s way of living.
  • Sterling
  • Tuttle Triumph

Friends coming over without giving you time to cook? Preprepared foods make a quick stop to the grocery store all you need to make an impromptu dinner party an instant success.

  • A premixed bag of salad makes a great start or base to dinner.
  • While you’re opening the dressing, place salad forks in a bowl of ice and let them chill.
  • Offer the chilled forks at a salad course, or do the same with spoons to serve with a dessert like sorbet.
  • This is an easy tip that will impress your guests — you can even do it at a planned event!

Create an instant centerpiece in minutes using a placemat to pull together a variety of collected items. Here, a few leaves and flowers from the garden, a candle, and a handful of scattered pebbles from a day at the beach create a focal point for your impromptu party.

  • Put a placemat on the table, then add small pottery pieces around an interesting vase.
  • Notice how a stolen blossom from the garden, a few leaves and vines almost arrange themselves.
  • Add a candle, scatter some collected pebbles and an interesting leaf, and voilà!