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What are the different sizes for sterling flatware?

Three Sizes

Sterling silver flatware is available in three different sizes: Place Size, Dinner Size and Continental Size. You should select first the sterling pattern that fits your personality and lifestyle, and then the flatware size. The pattern you select will remain the same regardless of the size you select. Not all sterling patterns are available in all sizes, however.

Place Size Flatware

The Place Size is the most traditional size you will see in American households; however, the Dinner Size and the Continental Size are becoming increasingly popular.

Flatware Piece
Place Knife 9"
Place Fork 7-1/2"
Place Salad Fork 6-1/2"
Place Soup Spoon 7"
Place Teaspoon 6-1/4"

Dinner Size Flatware

The Dinner Size has a slightly larger fork and knife, one-half inch longer than the Place Size. The pattern is exactly the same. The measurements below are estimated and not exact, as each manufacturer might have slightly different specifications for the Dinner Size silverware.

Flatware Piece
Dinner Knife 9-3/4"
Dinner Fork 8"
Dinner Salad Fork 6-1/2"
Dinner Soup Spoon 7"
Dinner Teaspoon 6-1/4"

Continental Size Flatware

A Continental Size silverware set has a longer Dinner Fork, Place Knife, and Soup Spoon than the other sizes. The measurement for each piece in a five-piece set is listed below. These measurements are generally accurate but not exact, as each pattern may differ by manufacturer and date.

Flatware Piece
Continental Knife 10-1/2"
Continental Fork 8-1/2"
Continental Salad Fork 6-1/2"
Continental Soup Spoon 7-5/8"
Continental Teaspoon 6-1/4"
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