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Chic Celebration

Dinner parties don’t always have to be at the dinner table. Here, a coffee table becomes the center of a celebratory lounge.

  • Dinner plates, salad plates and soup bowls serve double duty as entertaining necessities.
  • A crystal compote displays shrimp, a dinner plate holds cheese and crackers, and the salad plates fit lap-size portions perfectly.
  • Sterling silver flatware makes guests feel special and every occasion even more memorable.

Next time friends come over for a dinner party, think beyond the traditional way of presenting food.

  • An assortment of sterling silver forks holding prearranged appetizers makes for delicious bites and keeps fingers clean.
  • Use a combination of forks and spoons to serve appetizer bites or, as in this case, present a variety of flatware patterns (or just two different patterns) for an eclectic look.

When entertaining family and friends, keep in mind that not all of your flatware (or dinnerware) pieces have to match.

  • Consider using a unique piece for a different course; for example, a soup spoon with a different pattern can stand on its own.
  • Sterling
  • Tuttle Pantheon
  • Tuttle Triumph

Sometimes with larger parties you might not have all the pieces you need. Not only can the flatware differ, but so can the serving items. Consider using coffee or café au lait cups for soup — how chic!